Welcome to Vibrant Health and Wealth

Courses offered at Vibrant Health and Wealth are designed and presented jointly by Joseph Olejak, DC, William Belfar, MD and Allaya Cooks-Campbell, CPT RYT-200. The program involves performance based education and coaching in the areas of diet, exercise and emotional well-being.

The premise of our coaching is that information alone is not enough to bring about change. Information is useful to know what to do, but performance and results are what we are committed our participants uncover.

At the end of the 10-weeks we assert that everyone (every single participant) will have a clear plan and plenty of individual and group support to bring about new behaviors, thoughts and habits that lead to increased well-being and higher productivity and success at work. The coaching is specifically designed to uncover problem areas and provide access to new and effective actions that lead participants to higher levels of wellness.

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